Types Of Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is a serious disease of urinary tract caused by mainly invasive infections of the bladder. It may be benign tumor which is only localised to bladder or a malignant tumor which has already been metastasised to any other part of the body. It is very much rare in people who are at least 40yrs of age and having a basic history of smoking in their past life. Basically bladder cancer occurs in different forms, due to which it has been classified into 5 main types, depending upon the severity of cancer, and the infections occurring in the affected areas.


Carcinoma in situ is also called transitional cell cancer. This type of cancer is basically caused by presence of clusters of cancerous cells. This cancer is not really curable as it follows poor prognosis of treatment.Haematuria is very much common in this type of cancer. Due to this sort of cancer the mucosal cells become very weak and cohesive.


It looks like a red, velvety area, which can be found on the surface of normally pink transparent bladder wall. Due to the severity of this cancer, entire mucosal surface of bladder is affected, in which everything is accompanied the mucosal cells, the mucosal linings, the blood tissues which are supplying the blood.


This is the second most and developing type of cancer that occurs due to its tremendous growth into the muscle layers of bladder. The cancer usually occurs in proportions of different nerve roots which have been classified as T2, T3, and T4.


Basically, this is the 3rd most common type of bladder transitional cell bladder cancer. This cancer is less severe because it occurs only in the superficial areas of lining of bladder, and not in the deeper layers of the lining of bladder. The superficial carcinoma of bladder occurs at the level of T1 nerve root. http://bladdercancerc.com/bladder-cancer-treatment-methodology


This is the 4th most common type of bladder cancer occurring in the metastatsis, and most commonly found in the inner lining organs of our body. The most common occurring sites of this cancer are the Local lymph nodes in pelvis, Liver, Lung, Bones and Adrenal glands. The survival rate of today is about 12-14 months. This type of cancer has lowest rate of curable survival. http://bladdercancerc.com/


This is the most common type occurring cancer throughout the world. This is the type of cancer that usually occurs in the squamous cells of bladder. Most common areas where this cancer affects us in the lining of thin flat cells commonly found in the tissues that resemble the surface of the skin, the lining of the hollow organs of the body. The survival rate in our young people is about 1 to 2%.Gross hematuria is the most common symptom that occurs in squamous celling bladder cancer. Patient suffering from this cancer always complains of pain in his bladder.